Who Makes the Best Stocks and Chassis Systems?

Who Makes the Best Stocks and Chassis Systems?

Few things make as big of a difference in the overall feel of your rifle as its stock or chassis. Not only is the shape of paramount importance, the materials used in the manufacturing process are a huge factor in your rifle stock's overall durability, function, and weight. Your rifle stock or chassis can make or break your performance in a tactical or competitive field.

Accuracy International Chassis Systems

Accuracy International manufactures standalone chassis systems that fit Remington 700 actions, and they've proven to be extremely popular due to their durability and simple installation. The chassis are built from alloy and polymer, and are tough enough to stabilize the action for reliable shooting in any conditions. Enthusiasts love the degree to which they can customize and configure their rifles when using these chassis, as well as the folding stocks which make them easier to transport.


KMW SENTINEL Combat Stocks were developed by Terry Cross over the course of 6 years of intense research and design work with the input of law enforcement and tactical competition shooters all over the USA. The raw stocks are manufactured from premium fiberglass by McMillan and then the build is completed by KMW with Terry's proprietary hardware. These stocks are ambidextrous, making them good for both right- and left-handed marksmen, and they're tough as nails. Users report that they're comfortable and stable.


Manners stocks are popular in competitions and were also designed around a Remington 700-style action, although some can be used with other actions with some alterations. They're notable for being very lightweight while still maintaining the stiffness and strength required for heavy use. Manners stocks are made with a unique, modern process involving layering of fiberglass and aircraft-grade carbon fiber. Their cheek hardware is the adjustable Loggerhead from KMW, renowned for its comfort. Between their lightweight and ergonomic profile, it's easy to see why Manners stocks have earned so much favor.

Masterpiece Arms

Masterpiece Arms takes its name and mission seriously. They produce a line of bolt action chassis to exacting specifications, making all parts in-house from rugged aluminum. Their manufacturing facility is top-of-the-line, and it shows in the number of MPA chassis making their appearance at competitive events. The chassis is quite adjustable and configurable for extreme comfort and support of ideal shooting position. Cerakote finish is available in a variety of colors and enhances durability.


McMillan stocks are highly regarded by competitive shooters and make frequent appearances in the hands of championship winners. McMillan manufactures a huge variety of tough fiberglass sniper-style stocks in numerous colors and with left-handed variants to support all shooters. They're available in both adjustable and non-adjustable models, the latter of which save a little weight. McMillan stocks are overall considered some of the best for long-range target shooting.


An important point to remember is that when we say "the best rifle stock" we also mean "the best rifle stock for you." All the manufacturers we list create stocks and/or chassis with the highest grade of quality. You'll need to consider factors that matter to you, like weight and other preferences, and use those alongside this information to truly make an informed choice. You will find your favorite, and that one will be best for you.

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