Top Reasons Why You Should Use Berger Bullets for Hunting

Ask any seasoned marksman to rank the bullets they have come across or used, whether, on target practice or hunting, we bet there will be Berger bullets before he completes his fist. Amused by the confidence we have? Let it be 6mm 6.5mm or the long-range hybrid targets, there are so many factors that keep them top in the market and famous among marksmen & recreational hunters.

Let us dig a little further and discuss why Berger bullets are the key market players and what makes them so popular. We will also take this opportunity to discuss the different caliber bullets they offer and their specialty to make the discussion specific.

What are the different types of Berger bullets?

  •  6mm – 108-grain Elite hunter

This is the Berger offer for small to mid-weight marksmen who go hunting and are looking for long targets. With their 108-grain weight and a 0.243 diameter designed bloat tail at the base, they are heavier and have a hybrid ogive.

The 6mm – 108-grain elite hunter is specifically designed for increased efficiency at longer ranges. Berger has achieved this feat with that ogive design which blends the tangent and secant designs.

Tangent ogives have less sensitivity towards seating depth, but have more drag and lower ballistic coefficient. In the meantime, ogives have less drag and a high ballistic coefficient but are sensitive to seating depth in comparison to tangent ogives. By blending the two ogive designs, Berger was successful in improving efficiency by reducing wind drift and minimizing seating sensitivity.

For those who don’t know what a ballistic coefficient is, it is nothing but a measure of the ability of a projectile to overcome air resistance in flight. To make it simple, the higher the coefficient, the lesser the drag it experiences and the longer it can travel without losing energy. They are also known for their high retention energy upon impact.

All thanks to the ultra-high ballistic coefficient it offers and the high sectional density of 0.261. Bought for unparalleled accuracy and performance, they are easy to load and shoot all at a price tag under 50$.

The sales numbers are also a reflection of its compatibility. They can be used in almost all popular 6mm wildcat cartridges be it Remington, Winchester 243, or the Creedmoor.

  • 6.5mm – 144/153.5-grain Long-Range Hybrid Target bullets

It was a long wait for the Long Range Hybrid Target bullets to be officially launched in the market. But the wait proved worth it once it got into the rifles. The improved center of gravity and ballistic coefficient merged well with the all-new innovative Meplat Reduction Technology (MRT).

The working principle behind the MRT is the production of a homogenous and repeatable bullet profile by controlling the pressure along with the projectile nose. Because of its high bullet coefficient, it is highly recommended for competitive shooters who prefer shooting targets at 1000 yards and over.

Berger's J4 jacket production is appreciated around the world for its uniqueness and precision. They acquire the highest quality copper and lead from the metal market and cast them on their patented die designed for that caliber. They use the same die for the whole lot and they ensure the ideal consistency that is required.

Berger is one of these companies that are adamant about the tolerance limits. They strive to limit the level to less than 0.00005 in every bullet from any lot. Well, they are always open to a challenge and trust us when we say, no one could prove them wrong. Berger challenges marksmen to order their jackets and check them for any error in the tolerance limits.

In our personal experience and testing, we are highly satisfied with the bullet. We tested our precision tools for correctness and reliability as a precaution for the records.

They are compatible with almost every common cartridge out in the market such as 6.5 Creedmoor and 26 Nosler to name a few.

  • 25 calibre – 135 grain LRHT bullets

They provide the best-in-class consistency and accuracy to the competition shooters and long-range enthusiasts. The MRT used in these bullets ensures unmatched consistency in ballistic coefficient and a jump tolerant hybrid ogive profile. They verify the tolerance limits using a Doppler radar and guarantee a less than 1% variation.

All these features are ideal for a 600-yard range and keep the range engaged. The 135 LHRTs are tailored to cartridges such as 25 Creedmoor, 25-06 Remington, 25×47, and 25 Precision Rifle Cartridges to list some.

FAQs on Berger Bullets

1.       Are Berger bullets lead-free?

While Berger manufactures a couple of solid copper projectiles under the Berger Match Solid line, most Berger bullets come with a copper jacket and a lead core.

2.  What is the difference between Berger hunting and target bullets?

The main difference between a Berger hunting & target bullet is with the thickness of the jacket. To keep it short, target bullets are built to withstand the more abusive conditions realized during competition shooting like high shot counts, rapid-firing strings, extended exposure to direct sunlight, long barrels, and higher than typical velocities. Whereas, Berger hunting bullets are specifically made for hunting fields and are ideal for short-range and long-range shooting.

To Sum Up

Summing up all these, it is quite evident that Berger bullets can rule the market for these very reasons. To make it count, their commitment to their customer circle is commendable. They welcome criticisms and rework their faults to make them perfect every time.

Apart from other market players, they do justice to the marketing hype they advertise. Shoot better, shoot Berger, the slogan they boast of is not just words from a proud manufacturer, but is a proper reflection of their commitment and effort. From the day of advent to date they have put all their money and effort to save the reputation they have reaped over the years.

We are more than glad to recommend Berger bullets without any second thought.  To order and be a part of that customer volume do reach out to us

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